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Onion Rings    $4.99

Portabello Mushroom Wedges    $5.99

Mozzarella Sticks    $5.99

Applesauce or Coleslaw    $1.99

French Fries    $3.99

Cheese Fries    $5.99

Chili Cheese Fries   $7.99

Old Bay or Cajun Fries $4.49

Seasoned Potato Wedges $4.99

Ice Mine Wedges $7.49

smothered with cheese, bacon & side sour cream





Chili     Cup   $3.49     Bowl     $4.49

add cheese or onion .75 each 

Clam Chowder   Cup   $3.49     Bowl     $4.49 

Our own famous recipe.  Light New England Style, with a "kick".

French Onion    $5.99

Homemade croutons and mozzarella cheese broiled on top.

Double Baked Potato    $5.99

Creamy potato soup topped with crunchy potato chips, broiled cheddar cheese & dollop of sour cream.

Soups (when available)

Steak, Grilled Chicken, Buffalo Shrimp, or Crispy Chicken   1/2 $8.99  /  $13.99 

Green leaf lettuce topped with veggies, cheese, Crasinis, and crunchy "Lo Mein" noodles. Served with dressing on the side.


House Salad    $5.99

Salad with veggies, craisins & Noodles


Dressings - Ranch, Blue Cheese, Italian, 1000 Island, Sweet & Sour, French, Honey Mustard,

Oil & Vinegar, Lite Raspberry (Extra dressing .75) or any Wing Sauces




All desserts are homemade! 

What will your finale be? 

There is always room for dessert! 

Ask your server for selections!



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